Rewards From Us To You

Join other independent hotels that are rewarding their loyal guests.

In the current complicated trading environment, now more than ever it's important to care for and look after your guests. With this programme you can recognize, thank and reward your loyal customers, we have designed this loyalty system exclusively for independent hotels and serviced apartments. Previous to this, there has been very little choice available if you wanted to introduce a customer reward programme. Top global brands can charge excessive fees to sign up, with the risk of losing your identity. The alternative to these companies is to set up your own in-house loyalty club, which is immensely time consuming and seldom succeeds. So let us offer you the complete solution, while you look after the day to day management your business.

What's in it for your business?

  • You can reward your regular guests and give them a great reason to return.
  • Introduction to our current member database, your property will be added to the website and promoted to our members.
  • Sophisticated web based software that works anywhere, which is very user friendly.
  • Multi-currency programme, guests can earn points in Euro and GBP currency zones.
  • Professional branding and marketing material provided by ourselves.
  • Reduce distribution costs and increase ADR.

What's in it for your guests?

Our members get the VIP treatment every time they stay with one of our Hotels. They are offered a welcome snack on arrival (chocolate bar and mineral water), earlier check in times, later check out and free upgrades, they’ll know that they are being well cared for. When staying over they also earn loyalty points based on their room rate, which can be accumulated across all our participating properties, and later redeemed for a selection of great rewards including various gift cards and free night stays.

What is the cost to my business?

We have minimal running costs and offer clever software that works. We don't waste tons of money on expensive, ineffective advertising campaigns and 90% of our communication to our members is via email and website which keeps printing costs down.

If you decide to join the programme, there is a nominal set up fee and a small monthly maintenance fee. After that, you only pay a small commission on guests who earn loyalty points by staying at your property.

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